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haha. you're quite a character inflataboy. first off, when did i say accutane didnt work? all i mentioned was it wasnt good for me and my type of acne--duh?! also, b5 is PROVEN by scientific evidence to be effective against acne also. what do you call the study done in china? chop liver? and the only person downplaying anything is YOU my friend--just because b5 had no effect on you (for some odd reason), well--that dont mean poo. the only thing you have said that makes even a little bit of actual sense was that b5 can have as many side effects as accutane. the only problem is accutane's side-effects are scientifically PROVEN to be more severe than b5 (in the short-run and more than likely in the long-run as well). ok, did i cover everything? i think.

take care

ps: i dont wanna start any rukkus over this man. were in it together, if we waste time trying to prove each other wrong--it only complicates matters. cant we all just get along
Re: B5 stomach ache
Feb 10, 2001
ummm basically without causing an argument your actually wrong B5 isn't proven to work whatsoever infact far from being proven.
All this information about B5 really comes from Leung' HYPOTHESIS!.
There have been millions of hypothesis made especially in the last 15 years as antibiotics no longer posses the power they used to, the hunt for new medications has been huge however a large ammount of very factual hypothesis continue every day to be slated by the medical proffesion there for not proven.
so besides a hand full of people who claim B5 to work, and claim B5 has no side effects, there is absolutely no proof or any back up from either the British or US medical boards in favour of B5 as a PROVEN acne treatment.

Now everyone listen i don't know weather or not what i said up there about B5 being proven by the world to treat acne is true or false.
It may well be false in which case i will take this article down and i will give a public appology, but in order to proove weather or not its right or wrong we need proof so if any one can post up some proof then we can decide weather B5 is proven or not prooven.ahhhhh hmmmm .......

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