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"if you want to clear ya acne, put some spit on ya face at 2 or 5 in the morning when ya sleeping. that should clear you up by daytime. kekekekeke"

ohh my goodness, that undertaker guy is a comical genius to say the least! he's my boy

this post actually serves no purpose--yet. ahh- tiffany you say there hasnt been any extensive research on pantothenic acid for long term use eh? well, no offense to you but--i dont care if 10 years from now i croak as a result of the b5--because at least i was able to live those 10 years relaxed and not having to worry about acne ruling my life and making it a horror story (like it has as of late). screw it, im not dealing with this any longer. accutane is not for me (too risky--especially for my type of acne)--b5, since its water-soluble (gets flushed from your body if you dont use it up) it HAS to be WAYYYYY les harmfull in the long-run. there is just no way its even close to what accutane can do to people in the long-run. now, no, im not 100% positively sure, but im using logic here. and after all the evidence ive compiled--pantothenic acid seems to be the big winner as far as im concerned. potential maximum healing for not too much money and almost certain (like 99.9%) that its much less dangerous then accutane? how could you not take a chance at that?

take care

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