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Well, hmm, I'm trying to think of other celebs with acne. I just saw a recent picture of Courtney Love somewhere online with 4 or 5 big zits (looked cystic to me, not quite sure, though). No makeup. Then I saw another pic of her taken the same day (same outfit, and hair), with makeup on, standing next to Winona Ryder, the zits remarkably gone, although I could notice that there was something there under all the cover-up. She always seems to have something.

What's really annoying is seeing these actresses that REALLY do have perfect skin -- Nicole Kidman comes to mind. Is she real? How can one have such smooth, flawless porcelain skin?? It's not fair!! And I've seen her in every kind of lighting, really. Oh, and little miss Halle Berry, ugh. Not fair.

Oh yeah, another actor with acne scars is Ray Liotta. And I've always noticed Cameron Diaz' imperfect skin --in just about every movie that I've seen her in. I remember in Being John Malkovich she had 2 or 3 big ones in one scene, and I was wondering if that was just part of her role (to look unattractive). Guess not.

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