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just tiny red marks? are they indented at all? if not, they should be very easy to get rid of, perhaps not even requiring a peel of any kind. you should try a facial sponge, and rub as hard as you can tolerate. that might do the trick in a week or two, with nothing to recover from.

of course you won't really hear anyhing new from me in the way of peels. for light scarring, and red marks, glycolic acid is the way to go. i'm having another 70% peel tomorrow. i've had great results thus far, and i'm going to get a product they have called cellex-c as a supplement and see how that works.
Hiya ! well, I have tried Glycolic acid peel at 70% and the result was alrite but nothing too dramatic i.e. doesn`t peel very much and quite tolerable.

However, recently, I tried an even deeper peel called Jessner`s Peel which is 14% of salicylic acid ,lactic acid and resorcinal acid.There is definately more visible heavy peeling in the next 3 to 5 days. The result is no doubt much better as Jessner`s Peel is layered ( 3-8 Layers of coating to control penetration )

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