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Big acne problems
Jun 7, 2001
I never had too many face problems. I was taking pretty good care of it and using a toner with tea tree oil in it, and I didn't get any pimples at all for a long time. Lately, nothing helps me. I can't get anything to work for me anymore. I've used pretty much everything over the counter, that expensive ProActiv Solution, and prescription Differin gel. I had a total of 5 big new zits pop up just yesterday and they hurt like hell! I had 2 more come just while I was sleeping. I look terrible right now and I don't know why. I've been under a little more stress lately, but not enough to do this. I don't wear makeup at all. And I don't have periods so that can't be it. I've changed my face routine a little but for the better so that shouldn't be it (I started washing it and using a toner twice a day, plus using neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment and pore refining cream). I'm 19, shouldn't I be starting to grow out of this instead of having it get worse?? I don't have health insurance and I can't afford to see a dermatologist. Also, if this might have anything to do with it, I've gained over 20 lbs in the past 4 months (but I'm definitely not pregnant). If anyone has any ideas at all, please let me know. *goes and puts a paper bag on her head*

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Prayerman, they're usually the big painful zits that make a big part of your skin sore. They don't stay that bad for long, though. They get smaller after about 2 days and then they last a long time. I get an average of about 2 new ones each day. I know there must be a reason for this happening so suddenly because my skin was fine up until a few months ago. I did stop using the Neutrogena and then last night I put it on again, but today one of my pimples looked worse than yesterday so I'm quitting it for good now. I also washed my pillowcases and I'm trying to find cheap B5. I work in a pharmacy and the only kind we sell is the GNC brand, which is about $18. I'd get an employee discount on it, but it's still too much money for me right now.

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