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My Update
Dec 15, 2001
Hi All-
I dont write that much on the board...but i visit it almost everyday. Heres my story: Im 21/F, been battling with moderate acne since 13. I've tried Oral Tetracycline, Topical Erythromycin & Clindamycin, & Differin Gel. Currently I'm on Oral Minocycline (100g/day) and Retin-A Micro. I've been on Minocycline since July(helped ONLY with the cysts) and Retin-A Micro for the past 3 months. Right now i am breaking out badly. I know people say that Retin-A might take upto 6 months to see great results, but im not too sure right now if its doing a good job because i am still getting NEW bumps under the skin which is what the retin-a should be preventing.
I'm seeing the derm again on Wed. and this time i am asking to go on Accutane. I am just at the point of absolute anger & sadness with my acne. By the way, I got my hormones levels checked and all was normal so there is no need to go on BCP's.
I have horribly oily skin, so i know that Accutane would help me dry it up. I have to blot my face several times a day just to soak up some of the oil. Part of me is worried about going on it because ive heard horrible stories of side effects. Part of me is also scared to go on it because i do not want to have to experience the horrible initial breakout. I already get self-concious when i have a little breakout, i couldnt imagine how i'd feel with a major one. But i feel like i need to give Accutane a try because nothing else seems to work, and im sick of dealing with the acne.
Could anyone who has been on or is currently on Accutane please tell me how long their initial breakout lasted? And if you had oily skin, when you noticed it first starting to dry up? How early did you start seeing good results? For the ladies: Could you wear makeup(ie foundation) while on Accutane?

Thanks everyone for letting me vent and for helping me out. =)

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