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Came across this sad information whiles researching acne on the web.

...."The picture that shows --THE PERCENTAGE OF TEENS WHO WOULD RATHER NOT DATE SOMEONE WITH ACNE-- reflects a grim reality."

BOYS: 12-14: 55%
BOYS: 15-17: 62%
GIRLS: 12-14: 50%
GIRLS: 15-17: 52%

"The pimpled teenagers may have suspected this, but now they have the statistics to back up their suspicions. No wonder it's been a bit tough lately to get a date."

--This disturbing information has been coursing through my mind for days. Please vent and respond.

I am an 17 yr. old male with my birthday coming up on October 13. I'm going to be an official adult with acne. I am a very strong guy who works out every other day. Acne is my 1 weak spot. I cry my self to sleep on many nights and am so depressed, I feel there is no hope and I will grow up to be alone and by myself because of acne. Many girls consider me a very handsome guy, but my self-esteem/confidence is so low that I can never see what they are seeing. I've spent countless hours researching the psychology behind this and how it effects the human mind. I'm currently a student in college, and my introductory psychology class has helped alot. I have so much in life to be happy for, yet this acne makes me so frustrated. I am envious of others with smooth, clear skin. I don't smoke or do drugs like many of my friends and yet they have skin as clear as the sky and I have acne. I curse the reason for this. I take such good care of myself, yet acne makes my life so horrible. I didn't even go to my high school prom b/c of my acne, didn't have confidence to ask out that special girl, didn't want to be at a social event like that where everyone could see my face.

--P.S. - I just found this board and I think its wonderful. I can relate to everything ya'll are saying. Keep up the good work. I've never been able to vent these feelings because my parents just don't understand. Only us acne sufferers understand the psychological pain felt by acne.

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