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I have a question for all those who have used Erythromycin with results. My doctor prescribed 400mg pills, he told me to take 2 three times a day. I have cut it down to 1 three times a day, because it has been causing me stomach pains. Can anyone tell me their dosage.
Also, there is a Erythromycin E.S. solution, 2%, I used it whenever I see a pimple appearing and overnight it reduces the pimple ( I am not kidding). It worked for me before, but it was a little expensive, now I am using it again, it works wonders, I got it from my dermatologist, it prevents the pimple from turning into cysts, and you can you twice a day even under make up. I am not saying this would work for everyone, but I have used everything (differin, azelex, retin-A, cleocin-T, proactiv, serious skin care). I have never seen results until now. I am not saying these products do not work, they just did not work for me, I would recommend asking your dermatologists about erthyomycin topical solution E.S (2% works wonders). However, I wold still like to know what the dosage of oral erthyomycin was for you people that have used it. Good Luck!
the Erythromycin you are using is it also called EES?? big pink tablets??
if its the same thing i also used it, 3 a day for like a month then 2 a day for another month then 1 a day for a month
i cant remember the dosage but i think it was 400mg pills

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