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Hi guys,

Thanx for the replys. It's funny how one person said a week and another said a month...hehe. I think a month sound right and week is definately too early for accutane to be out of the system. Hey, TJ...My oil hasn't come back yet. My face is still red. After I wash my face, it's peeling and flaking everywhere. I really hope that I don't get any cysts anymore. I still am getting little tiny, tiny pimple that go away in a couple of days. My hair is still shedding. Hopefully in a couple of weeks it slows down. I have a question, what are good methods to detoxify the liver? It's nearly impossible for me to get a derm appointment right away. I'll probably have to wait a month. Does time also help with detoxifying the liver, as well as drinking water, etc. What else can I do. Any response will be greatly appreciated. I wish all you guys on accutane the best. The drug worked great for the acne. I haven't had a cyst in the last 3-4 months. Too bad for the hair, or this would have been my 14th week. Even though people say it's temporary, the hair thing really bothered me. Don't want to be bald now...take care guys..

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