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Hey, about a month ago, I would look into the mirror and just about scream because there was NOTHING I could do to get my face clear.. Well.... after a little while, I worked up a regime of my own.. Ok, this is what you will need... First, some Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne cream.. (the 2.5% b.p. kind) Next, get some Clearasil Face Wash.. (YES CLEARASIL, trust me, just GET IT!~!!!) And lastly.. some "pure aloe" Now, my pure aloe that I got was from Panama Jack and it's a 20oz. bottle and it's white.. It says PURE ALOE on it.. on with the routine..
In the morning, WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE YOU GET IN, then hop in the shower and wet yourself for about 5 to 7 mins... Next, wash your hair... I use Head and Shoulders, but feel free to use whatever you want.. Try and aviod getting the shampoo on your face. After you've washed all of the shampoo out of your hair, take the clearasil face wash and squeeze a little out onto your hand. (Reminder.. the water shouldn't be hot, it should be warm.. not warm enough to make your face red, but warm enough that it's cold in your mouth and doesn't burn you)Turn your face away from the stream of water, I prefer to have the water hit my back, and rub the face wash onto your face. DO NOT USE A WASH CLOTH!!! AND DO NOT SCRUB! let the wash sit on your face for about 2 mins and clean the rest of your body.. (Reminder.. THIS ROUTINE !DOES NOT! CURE ACNE ON YOUR CHEST OR BACK, IT MAY if you try it but I'm not garunteeing results) Rinse off the wash with warm water unnless you are ready to get out of the shower, then you should turn the shower sprayer down, where the water hits the floor and not you, and make it cold and hold your face under it and wash it off. If you aren't getting out of the shower, just rinse your face with cold water when you are about to get out. When you get out.... DO NOT look in the mirror, take your towel and pat your face dry and dry your body.. go eat or something and brush your teeth and then come back and look in the mirror.. Take your b.p. cream and apply it to your major oil spots.. For me, it's my nose, forhead, sideburns (where I shave) and underneath my eyes... Then you're set for the day..

If you go to school.. then do this whenever you get home, if you don't then just do it at about 3 or 4. Go to your sink AND WASH YOUR HANDS and rinse your face off with water.. warm or cold, it doesn't matter. Then put the "pure aloe" on your face and apply as much as you want.. Now, you'll be set till about 8 or 9 (or whenever you wash your face at night, I prefer 8 or 9 because it evens out the time inbetween that I wash my face..)

WASH YOUR HANDS! Then wash your face the same way you do in the morning, only this time your at your sink. Put the b.p. cream all over your face this time, unless you have spots that dry out really easily and never get any acne, instead of just on the "oil spots". Then, apply the "pure aloe" GENEROUSLY!!!! Just try this.. It works for me.... I used to be like you, now I'm acne free... Sure I get a zit every now and again, but it's NOTHING like I used to have. Just give this a chance.. (what have you got to loose right?? Come on, I want to share this with the world because it works and it will DO WONDERS for you, I can almost garuntee it, but what do you have to loose..

That's all for now, good luck and God Bless.

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