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First of all, I'd just like to say you sound like a really great girlfriend to stick with him through acne. Most young girls won't date a guy who has really bad acne. I just hope all girls are like you

About the acne... Well, if your has bad (moderate to severe) acne like you said, then OTC meds like Clearsil, soaps, ect just won't work. Trust us on this, we've all be through it. If anything, it'll just clean the skin, and sometimes it might aggravate as well.

What you bf needs to do is check online, do some research on some medications. I've been through many meds, so helped, somed didn't. The one I'm on currently seems to be working well, and I havn't felt this good in a while.

For you and your bf. These are some meds you might want to look into:

RETIN-A MICRO (It's a topical cream - works very well)
ACCUTANE (For sever or moderate-persistant acne - works well, but it takes 4-6 months - worth it if you been through many meds)
CETAPHIL Moisturizing Wash (Doesn't clear acne, but it's a great wash to cleanse the skin. Just about everyone on the board uses this one)

So, you and your bf should check out these meds - either online or with a derm.


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