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Hi everyone!

This is my story in a nutshell. I have cystic acne only on my right cheek and no where else on my face and no where on my body. I do get the occasional pimple in other areas on my face but those aren't cysts, just small pimples that go away fairly quickly. I have been on minocin three times in the last 4 years. I only recently started up on it for the third time. I start off on 200mg a day and gradually reduce my dose. It works well while I am on it but each time I have tried to come off of it my acne has come back. In my experience the acne hasn't come back worse, it comes back just the same. I also use a neostrata toner during the day (glycolic acid mixed with clindamycin) and stievamycin mild (tretinoin and erythromycin) at night. I am reluctant to try accutane and right now can't because it is so expensive and I have no drug plan. I have tried Diane35 with success, but had to stop taking it because I started to have 'unpleasant' symptoms after being on it for about 2 years. I am currently 23 and obviously am a female. I don't want to be on minocin for much longer. My derm says I should only have to take it until my oil glands start to shrink on their own with age. I know that there are long-term problems with taking antibiotics for so long! Also, I am on a bcp and don't like that the minocin reduces its effectiveness. I started up on it again for the time being because I know it has worked in the past, and living with my acne is NOT an option. I am sure most of you understand that.

Here is my question: I hear alot of people on here talk about taking various vitamins etc.. I read along with everything but honestly am a little confused because there are so many things to consider. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? For example, things I might try that might work. Please consider that I don't know very much about so called 'alternative' or 'natural' medications so be as specific as you can. You guys are great and know what you are talking about!!

Thanks in advance and happy holidays everyone!

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