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here's the post from Oldguy. By the way, I used Head & Shoulders for a while for my hair and it made me break out a little on my forehead, neck and back. I wouldn't put it directly on your face, but that's just me...

Originally posted by Oldguy:
Hello all,
___This is kind of a spinoff from my previous post.
___Of all of the posts I've read, Phillaser has given the best of advice.. In the old days, the process was done using sandpaper. Scars on the face are like scratches on wood. Sanding the surface eventually brings the surface down to the depths of the scratch, and it's gone. The high tech way is by use of the laser. However; it cannot be done all at once. Otherwise, skin tissue would be replaced with scar tissue instead of new skin tissue. Peels will not remove the scars very well. The vaseline is the same as the tape I mentioned. It seals the moisture in. Tape; however, has a Zinc based antiseptic that helps heal and reduces infection, and it won't plug the pores around the offending spot. Cystic acne is the ultimate in plugged pores. The infection is deep within the skin and, if left alone, will remain as a cyst and will never reach the surface to clear out. Since a cyst is a little bag that contains the infection, pinching, or squeezing it, will break the bag and you have a big full blown infected zit that will make it to the surface. The question is, do you want these deep bumps that seem to last forever, or do you want to try to get rid of it. I used to put adhesive tape on a bump at least overnight, or even to the next night. Then squeezing it would discharge it much more easily through the moist pore.
___Now about Dr. Atkin's diet that Phil mentioned. This is the reason I asked if anyone out there ever had a blood lipid profile done, or an Hba1c test. These are usually done at the same time. The Hba1c is a test of the blood cell damage done by high blood sugar levels. It is a darn good thing to do at least once per year to obviate any possible diabetes. Sebum is mostly oils from sebacious glands at the base of each pore. It also contains cell debrii from dead white cells that fight infection. Your "Sweat" glands, also at the bottom of each pore, are like a second kidney. They exude not only sweat, but urine as well. That's pee through your skin. The bacteria that live off of this convert it to amines, which is where the characteristic sweaty smell comes from. If you ever have high sugar levels in your blood exceeding about 140mg/dl, your kidneys pass some of the sugar out in your do your sweat glands. Now tell me how much does bacteria like sweets. Carbohydrates spike blood sugar levels like mad because they are basically sugars. Some get into your blood stream faster than others. This is where the glycemic index comes from. It's a table that lists the foods that raise the blood sugar from the fastest, to the slowest. If the rise is too fast for the release of insulin in your body, you get a spike of high blood sugar that you pee out...even through the skin. The food that spikes your blood sugar the highest isn't sucrose (table sugar), it's white bread. So when you eat a burger, throw away the bun and the'll be better off. The other thing is the blood lipid profile. Everyone thinks high cholesterol and triglycerides is an old person's disease...WELL IT'S NOT! Old people start to watch their cholesterol after they start to experience plugged arteries and heart problems, long after they started to live on the wrong foods, or had a genetic problem they never knew they had...learn about it now. When you have high cholesterol or triglycerides (usually the latter) it comes from saturated fats and unsaturated oils you take in. The worst part here is the french fries that have been cooked in vegetable oils that have been hot for days and have been oxidized...kind of like rusty oils. These are culprits that make it into your sebacious glands and into your pores. There they become very thick and plug the works. Dr. atkin tells you all about avoiding these offending foods in his diet book. GOOD WORK PHIL LASER...YOU'VE GOT A GOOD DOC!!
___Now let's go to the true Acne called acne vulgaris. (The former one was cystic.) This acne doesn't respond to diets, since it is based on the hormones. Oddly, this is only about 20% of all acne. Here it is a reaction to high androgens (male hormones) in the blood..Yes, women do have androgens, and men have estrogens. It's a matter of the proportion. These hormones arise from the petuitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands, and if you want me to impress you, they occur due to a defect in 21-hydroxylase, and in women due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. High dehdroepiandrosterone and dehdroepiandrosterone sulfate, testosterone, and low sex hormone binding globulin are involved. The skin of the acne sufferer has a high enzyme content of 5-alpha-reductase. This bugger reacts with the testosterone to form dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. Forget the other long names and concentrate on DHT. This is the bugger that is involved in male pattern baldness. It kills the hair follicls in the scalp and poof goes the hair. The distribution of this stuff is hereditary and comes into play at certain ages per the genetic clock. The shampoo "Rogaine" may well help alleviate this problem on the face. I don't have the problem any more, but if I did, I would try the high potency Rogain mixed with some anti-dandruff shampoo for a while. This is far less dangerous than Accutane, which has many side affects and causes liver damage. If you are using it and not having a liver function test evry two months, your Doc is pretty neglegent. Antibiotics can deform a fetus in pregnancy, and cause many other problems if used long term. In an earlier post, someone said they can't picture using shampoo on their face...that's kind of foolish.
___Now for some vitamins..."C" toughens the blood vessels and helps healing. This will shorten the duration of your marks. Another is vitamin A that prevents skin bacteria from converting the Sebum into free fatty acids that break down the sebacious glands and irritate the skin and even cause blood microvessels to leak and create brown spots.
___Often, spiking sugar can be controlled by taking chromium polynicotinate. C picolinate is ok, but not as effective.
___Vitamin B to control hormone levels, and 50mg/day of Zinc. I would use a homocysteine protector formula myself. I'll include any others later if I learn of any.
___I keep reading about Acne Rosacea here. Rosacea id not sn fact, no one knows what it is, but like psoriasis, it seems linked to arthritis...enough said about it here.
___I hope I've been informative here, and most of all, I pray to my Lord that I've helped some of you,,,if not all of you. There's so much more, but there isn't the room nor the time.. I'll be dropping in now and then to answer what I can..Until then, God bless you all and heal and caure for you,

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