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Get off the drugs!
Jan 22, 2001
Acne is a normal process which all people go through, some in a limited and some in a major way. There are varying degrees of it through your 'acne years'. If you're lucky, it will not hit you as bad as some. Chances are that if your parents had acne bad, you will to.
The thing you can do is try to control it. Facial acne can be the single biggest 'downer' in a persons teenage years, the years when most people are very vulnerable due to all the physical and mental changes that are already stressing them. Add in the stresses of high school, peer pressure and dating and you've got the potential for serious trouble!
There are various types of medication available for acne treatment, all that have varying effects. Some might even have 'good' results from the meds. When I was in Grade 8 I was prescribed a drug for acne. It was an antibiotic and after a few months I developed an ulcer. I took it exactly as prescibed. The doctor NEVER mentioned a possible side effect, and certainly did not mention that I could get an ulcer!
Many are on Accutane. Although I have not used this product, I can certainly say that there is too much evidence that this drug is also potentially dangerous. There are just too many side effects!
Vitamin B5 conversely, in large amounts, also has the potential to cause serious problems ...just as overdosing on ANY vitamin can.
A few years ago I went on a combination of 50 mg Complex B, 20 mg Chelated Zinc, 250 mg of C every morning to combat stress and the tired feelig I was getting daily. The conbination of these supplements had 2 interesting side acne did get better and I slept much better!
In November I started the topical solution Pro Active. As the commercial says, it may not work on everyone, but chances are it will work for you. It did indeed work for me! The exfoliation cleanser has made the difference, as it has removed the top layer of skin and is allowing the pores to breathe again!

You need to start looking at the entire picture. The changes in your body are happening for a reason, so combat them inside and outside! You need to eat properly take vitamins and eat a variety of different foods, stay away from greasy food and a lot of sugar, wash with a soapless cleanser like Cetaphil at lunch time, and use Pro Active in the AM and PM. Staying away from'junk food' will be hard...but think about the benefits!

Now you may ask...what makes me the expert? I'll tell you. I've suffered from acne longer than anyone I know...almost 30 years. I'm about to turn 40 and have been acne free only the past 2 months. I saw several doctors, dermatologists, witch doctors etc. and untill I saw a naturalist, never really got things under control. You need to approach acne with a holistic approach because it is your entire body that is the cause and effect of the problem. In some cases the vitamin supplements and a strict dietary change will be enough to combat the problem...if nothing else it is a very good 'start'.
Good luck

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