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A lot of things...
Mar 28, 2001
well today has been a busy day. very acne-related, so i thought i might share.

firstly, i woke up, looked in the mirror and realised that this product 'naturally clear' is actually working. i've been using it for 2 weeks (topical spray & multivitamin), and the number of whiteheads i have has decreased, and the big red inflammed spots are almost gone completely. this is great, but still a long way to go!

*then* i went to classes. a guy comes up to me and says completely randomly,
"do you like potatoes?"
well yes, i suppose i do.
"you should eat some more of them. mashed or boiled. not fried."
why, i ask confused, is it because they make you feel full?
"no (laughs), it might help your... you know... (rubs his forehead, where my red marks are the worst...)"
completely stunned, i say WHAT?
"i'm a nutritionist. potatoes raise the level of potassium in your blood. it helps your skin." (can i say here, i really doubt this guy is a nutritionist, doing first year courses...!)

this caught me totally off-guard and really annoyed me, after all i was so positive about my face earlier. i mentioned how studies have shown that food has little effect on acne etc. but he maintained that it's helped his patients.

maybe this guy meant well but hey being helpful is one thing, but being untactful and lacking in social skills is another. who does he think he is anyway...

so my grumbling aside (i was very depressed earlier but ok now), is this potato thing true? i don't know, i doubt it. if the potassium part were true, then we could all just eat a banana (provides 100% rda of K) and be acne-free -- not likely!

it's weird though, this is the 3rd person who's commented on my acne (2 others family members). it seems other people notice it as being worse than i do. anyone else experienced this? i mean, i thought i was getting better but here i am with people coming up to me, with nothing else to say except for how to 'cure' my acne.

for the record i have tried;
- salicylic acid stuff (ie the entire johnson & johnson clean & clear range)- useless
- benzoyl peroxide/sulfur stuff - can you say BURN??
- tea tree cream -- irritating
- triclosan cleansers - irritating
- egg yolk - works nicely but hardly a long-term solution
- blackmores 'skin support tablets' -- what a joke
- clindamycin (cleocin) -- worked for a while, until it stopped working (!)
- azelaic acid (azelex) -- BRILLIANT until it stopped working! (unlike a lot of people, i had no irritation with this, and it clears up red marks like nothing else! but, it takes ages for me to rub this on)

so now, i am using naturally clear. i am washing my face in the morning in the shower with a regular cleanser, spraying about 8-10 from the naturally clear topical on my face and neck (and take the oral supplement with it); in the evening i scrub with freeman's apricot & kelp scrub (does this kelp contain iodine and thus might be aggrevating my acne?) followed my the spray again.
incidentally, the spray contains niacinamide (vitamin b3 i think, which was proven as an anti-acne agent in a study, see medline), aloe vera and sodium PCA (amino acid based moisturiser)-- general anti-inflammatory effect as well.

also how important is selenium supplementation, if at all?

thanks for reading and for any comments

p.s. all of the above i have been able to get from local pharmacies. i haven't seen a doctor at all about my acne. i was thinking about it, but like i said, i always thought my face was looking a bit better; so i'm afraid that i'll just go there, he'll say 'what acne? you're not breaking out much' (although i have red marks galore) and it'll be a complete waste of time... what do you think i should do? help!

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