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Hey Guys, i love talking with you guys, not only are you all great but also very well informed. As for Lemon juice, i wouldn't recommened it. The idea is that the acid in Lemon juice will come how exfoliate the skin. AHA and BHA are derived from milk and sugercane. But rubbing milk or sugercane on the skin won't exfoliate skin. Lemon juice wont get rid of red marks though it can and will irritate the skin. Please don't use it. I am not perfect either. At the moment i have about seven white heads on my chin and a couple breakouts on my cheeks. Mine is mainly due to stress at work, which i am leaving so hopefully things will calm down. As for soap and Cetaphil etc... cetaphil is gentle and soap harsher but what works for one might not for another. Vitamin Man, if it works for you and you are happy, regardless of what i think, or anyone else for that matter, keep doing what you are doing. oil all the while disinfecting the skin.

Milk of Magnesium is very soothing to the skin and can disinfect (kill bacteria) plus, it can soak up more oil ouch for ouch compared to clay. Please try it Vitamin Man, you will be amazed. I thank you all.


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