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Oct 11, 2001
Well,its been a very weird last 4 1/2 weeks on this routine...

My routine is pretty much the same...


Clinac OC (started yesterday,so far so good)
1 pill of Septra DS (bactrim)

Midday-Take 45mg of Zinc and 500mg of Vit C.


Spot Treat with Clearasil Sulfer 8% (works good)
Aloe Vera
Take 1 pill of Septra DS

Lets put it this way...the last 4 weeks as far as acne goes have been horrible.About week 2 on Bactrim...I was practically the clearest ive seen myself in a few years.Well,about 2 1/2 weeks into the medication..I wake up 1 morning and find about 5 cysts going up on different parts of my jawline.Well,not only cysts but had regular small zits going up everywhere you can imagine on my face.By 3 1/2 weeks most of the stuff was dead and only the scars from the cysts remain..(and believe me it aint a pretty site,although it is starting to fade) well,by this time,I was thinking,wow,at least thats over with....well not so fast..

About 5 days ago I had 4 new cysts go up along my jawline..and that are still around right now although starting to fade as well. Is it possible to have an initial breakout on an Oral Antibiotic?

Well...right now at 4 1/2 weeks my face is a mixed bag...I had 4 cysts along my jawline...(I must mention one thing ive noticed is they arent quite as big and dont stick around as long as the ones I used to get weeks ago..) away from those..I have alot of whiteheads on my forehead which Ive had for ages now.But the rest of my face,including the sides and T-zone (around nose etc) is very clear.If I didnt have these 4 cysts..I would be close to clear.So,really my face right now ISNT horrible.Although worse then usual.

So what am I going to do?Well...Im going to take this as it was an initial breakout between weeks 3-6.I hear it usually takes 6-8 weeks on acne stuff to tell a difference so I will give it that much time.Plus excluding these cysts and my forehead im pretty darn clear.But if I continue to develop cysts like this thru 6-8 weeks..I will make an appt with the dermo to change meds. He said he would wanna try Erithromycin after this if this didnt work but Ive heard alot of things about resistence to that the last 5 years or so..and it doesnt work very good.

Ive taken only Doxycycline for acne in the past which I became resistent to. If im resistent to Doxy..would that mean I would be to Minocycline too? My acne isnt severe enough that I would wanna go on Accutane at this time.

Ill post another update around week of right now,ive been on the medication for 34 days.


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