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just want to add something to this. I used to have cystic acne after GOING OFF the pill. For everyone that is on it and it helps, wait until the day you go off and your body goes through heck trying to get back to some normalcy. One thing that I have found with my acne is also discussed in topics under "do nothing" yup water is the worst culprit in skin. A good derm will tell you this. For those of you that can't stand doing nothing try applecider vinegar. I know I know it smells but is a great PH balancer for the skin. Also have found that by eating melon in my diet and cutting out dairy has helped my skin stay clear. Caffeine is also best left out. I know it is hard to do it all and everyone's body is different, but try eating different combinations of foods. Try the Zone diet. Not to lose weight but to see if that helps regulate your body and skin. I find with most that when eating properly and exercising and lots of water that all the pills and cremes can be tossed. Try to be as natural as you can unless you plan on staying on pills and potions forever because sooner or later when you come off your body starts all over again trying to regulate. See if you can accomplish this yourself. Keep in mind dr.'s do have a lot of knowledge, but wouldn't make any money if we all were able to find things that work without there help.
good luck.

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