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Re: Accutane
Jan 22, 2001
No, there were no reactions to other prescription drugs that my son took in the past 16 yrs. for illnesses. ONLY ACCUTANE.

It disturbs me that you people don't know more about this drug or don't have the scientific curiousity to find out more about this drug in relationship to causing central nervous system damage and neurological damage. It is dangerous for us for people like you to be so scientifically narrow-minded.

Yeah, cigarette smoking is safe.
Thalidomide is safe for pregnant women.
What are some of the other past drugs that were considered safe based on "scientific evidence"to be on the market but were pulled off the market later due to deaths and health injuries? Just in the last two years the FDA has pulled seven drugs off the market. I'm sure those drugs had "scientific evidence" proving that they had very few side effects and/or was safe too. And all of these drugs were for serious conditions/illnesses---not for a purely cosmetic reason: acne. Yeah, clearing up acne is worth the risk of side effects such as; suicide,suicidal ideation,psychosis,emotional instability,seizures,syncope,cerebral hemorrage,ocular degeneration,acute pancreatitus, hepatitus C, vascular thrombotic disease,psuedotumor cerebri,arthritis,bone abnormalities,corneal opacities,hearing impairment,visual impairment,calcification of ligaments and tendons(noted in patients with a SINGLE course of therapy at recommended doses),premature epiphyseal closure...just to name a FEW of the side effects possible while on Accutane therapy as reported to the FDA/Medwatch system of reporting of adverse effects and also listed in the pharmaceutical insert revision of May-2000 submitted by Betty Holland, Program Director for Roche Pharmaceuticals to the FDA Director, Jonathan K. Wilkin,M.D., of the Division of Dermatologic and Dental Drug Products Office. Yeah---Accutane is relatively safe. You must be gullible to believe that! No profile can be determined in accessing who could be at risk while on Accutane therapy. You are playing Russian Roulette with your health while on Accutane.
That is a fact!

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