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Hi Angelica.
I am going through the *EXACT* same thing you are going through. I stopped the pill at the end of March, thinking I would "give my body a rest" and my acne got waaaaaaayyy out of control. I had great skin during the past year and a half or so (also supplemented the pill w/ Minocin). I, too, am irregular and went on the pill to regulate my cycles. My skin was fine for the month of April (once I had gone off of the pill) and I thought that there would be no problem, skin-wise, but by mid-May, my skin got ten times worse. I went back on the pill in July and am *just* starting to clear up now.

However, I am not trying to have kids, so going back on the pill is a good option for me. I have also been altering my diet (I now stay away from all meat and dairy and try to drink lots of water). I also have a gluten sensitivity, so I don't eat a lot of grains/ carbs. I take a tonne of vitamins/minerals/herbs: Vitamin: A, B complex, B5 (6.75 grams/day), D, E. Minerals: Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc (50mg/day), Selenium, Chromium. Herbs/Other: Acidophilis, Saw Palmetto (320mg a day), Flax Seed Oil (6000-9000mg/day) , MSN (6000mg a day).

I am starting to see improvement in my skin, but it has been gradual and frustrating. I think the best thing I've done is going back on the pill and taking lots of supplements. Vitamin B5 is supposed to do great things for the skin...perhaps you might want to give that a try. I take 6.75grams a day and am hoping to see a great improvement with that, too. I was contemplating going on Accutane for a third time, but since it obviously didn't work the other two times for me, I'm skeptical that it will do the job this time around. Another option is a Chinese medicine: Acnease. If you do a search on here, you will come up with a lot of information on it. Most people who have taken it say it works wonders and you only have to take it for 2 months or so. It balances out hormones, and i take it that you have difficulties with that, so this might be for you. As well, the effects are long-lasting.

Anywya, good luck with trying to start a family and getting clear skin. I know how it is! We've all been there.


alternative things I have been doing to get clear

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