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New here on board. Been reading alot about the lemon water and fasting. I tried the cleanser system before without eating for weekend. Did okay. Am now drinking lemon water in mornings daily and thruout day to help internally. I have noticed in past that carbos have contributed to breakouts, etc. Unfortunatley I have little cystic pockets in chin and don't know how to rid them. Have eliminated soy products, dairy, acids, sweets, fast foods, salt, basically all spices. Now cutting down on carbs. Down to fruits/select veges/chicken/turkey/occasional red meat. Not much selection but trying to figure out problem area.
Shall see how lemon water and no carbs go. Have taken like every vitamin, herb, supplement known. Nothing I've noticed has done major work. But, who knows. Wish something would just jump out and work for me. Hmm.
Appreciate the posts from everyone. Research helps and is somewhat encouraging.
Is there anything besides just lemon water and fruits/vege process that might help? Thanx

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