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Just a warning, this is a bit long...

I was wondering, when does the initial breakouts usually begin? Last week I had my period, so my skin looked a bit blotchy and I was breaking out very subtely, nothing major. My skin is normally very oily with a few acne spotting here and there, but usually small or just red bumps.

In the last days of my period, I had been starting taking B5 at 5g/day, like what a lot of people have said. That was on... Wednesday of last week. So it's been a week already. Then on Sunday, I started with birthcontrol pills, which I heard also breaks you out initially. At this moment, Thursday morning, I still do have a bit of blotchy redness on my skin. Nothing really big so far like tons of white heads anywhere, though a friend of mine said she had tons of white heads on her nose on her first week of birth control pills.

After taking the B5 though, my skin isn't any less oily. Actually my nose area seems oilier, and I find it depressing... I was wondering if I should up my dose already, but I think the B5 mixed with my xenadrine, which has some b5 in it, is making me ill. I've lost my appetite and have been nauseous even before I started on birth control. I didn't really lose my appetite before, when I was only on xenadrine.

Well any information would be greatly appreciated. I am just worried about getting a really bad case of acne for my initial breakout or should it have happened already? People have said they can see some results on their 2nd day. I have just gotten more oily.

Thanks in advance...

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