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SuperShy....I can sympathize with you on so many let me help a bit..

I went to the derm about twice in my life. Both times he gave me crap, put me on some topical stuff, and really didn't help. I was in the same position you are for a long time.

Now? I have maybe 3 red zits, a few bumps that you can hardly notice, and a couple blackheads around my nose. Here's how I did it...

First make SURE TO EXFOLIATE. My skin got about 90% BETTER after I learned about exfoliating. Unfortunately for guys we aren't taught things like this when growing up like girls are. Go out and buy some apricot scrub from St. Ives, that's what I used. When in the shower at night, get 2 finger fulls of it and scrub it on your face. It may hurt and may cause some zits to bleed but what it's doing is getting rid of the dead skin. If you do this at least once every other day your skin will get SO much better.

Second make sure to wash your towels and pillowcases A LOT. Like twice a week at least. And make sure your hair is clean before you sleep.

Third go out and buy these vitamins. Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, A Multivitamin that has copper in it, MSM, and maybe some Green Tea. Start at 10g of Pantothenic Acid a day and 100mg of zinc per day. It will hurt your acne INITIALLY, but in about 3-4 weeks your skin will be a LOT better.

None of what I said will CURE you from acne but it'll make your face so much better and will let you have the confidence you need to go back out in public and resume the life you wish you had man....

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