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Both my parents had pretty bad acne and I didn't start getting it until about 8th grade. At that time however, I only had small pimples here and there.. As time progressed I tried many treatments and it only got worse. I'm 17 now and I feel as if I am the ugliest person alive, I almost cry when I look at the mirror. My mood daily depends on how my face looks. I use a touch up stick to conceal my spots as best as I can but I feel so depressed as a result of my current situation. I have been to the doctor and am currently taking minocycline coupled with cleocin and benzyol peroxide. I know first hand how painful acne can be and at times I can hardly bear living. I feel as if the entire world is staring at me wherever I go and school is especially difficult. At times I take off school pretending to be sick and while I'm at home I cry, for I know that in actuallyity I took off school because I couldn't bear for anybody to see me.. I used to be pretty outgoing when I was younger and now I am sort of a recluse and it pains me to do so, for I want to go out with my brother and be social more but I just can't.. I really needed to just get this out because I cannot make myself tell anybody this, it is just too painful.. Upon reading the last post: ACNE: ALL Under Control I am going to try to do many of the things on the list, I am currently using the egg yolk mask. I constantly find myself hiding from others and I hope that doing many of the things posted here will help me. I wish I could have found this sit much earlier so I could have modified many of the things I do:

My problem seems to be that my skin is VERY oily and as a result when i wake up I find more and more pimples daily. I also have been doing some no no's apparently, for I try scrubbing my face too hard at times and I don't take any viatamins. thank you so much for this resource and I hope that my condition will improve as I try some new things..

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