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I for one believe that Diet does indeed play a role in your breakouts. It may not be a PROVEN FACT medically but just look at the number of people who swear by it posting here? Add another +3 doctors to your comment. I've tried everything and only NOW have convinced doctors of the correlation between food and acne. Don't be so quick to dismiss the facts of others, merely because they haven't been proven by someone else. I have been battling acne for six years now and have found a strong tie between dairy and sugars. It hasn't clearned my acne 100% HOWEVER my breakouts are very rare when I watch what I eat. Having found that I can control my breakouts I am now working to repair the damage that has been left behind from the numerous creams (Benzol Peroxide, Clindamycin, Solugel 8, PanOxyl, etc.), and pills (Tetracycline, Minocycline, Diane35, Marvelon28, Accutane TWICE! It didn't work)

Having said that, I wish everyone the best of luck in fighting this battle. It's a rough one for sure and even harder when people try to snub off what you've been through and found out.

God bless,


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