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I'm starting to think that B5 isn't going to work for me. Sure it stops my skin from being oily and helps it stay relatively smooth, but I can't remember the last day that I haven't broken out. Just to go one day without getting a new zit would be an achievement.

I've been taking B5 for two months, but I've seen little progress. I've read that many people breakout in the first few weeks of taking B5, but then their skin clears. I'm wondering how long I should give this treatment as it doesn't seem to be working, and I don't want to waste any more time.

My only consolation is that when I took my accutane course last year, it took about 4-5 months before I stopped breaking out (an unusually long time), so maybe I just have to be patient with the B5.

I'm just fed up of my life consisting of waiting for acne treatments to start working, which has been the case for the last year and a half - why can't someone invent something that works in a few weeks?
I am currently taking 5.5 grams a day. My skin is not oily at all at this dose (I could still have some accutane in my system, I finished my course in November).

I've found that increasing the dose makes me breakout on areas of my face that were previously clear (above and below my mouth, below my jaw).

Also if I decrease the dose it make my skin a little oily again and new spots forms due to this. My main problem area is my cheeks and jaw line, and an occasional small spot on my forehead. My acne type is whiteheads, I've never had a blackhead, but they form very deep under the skin and come up like inflammed bumps which may take a day or two to form a top, and sometimes don't even form a head at all.

I don't have a huge amount on my face at one time (maybe 3/4), but due to B5 drying my skin, the marks old spots leave last for weeks, and make my skin look worse than it is. If I could find a way to stop my skin breaking out, then the marks would heal in time, and my skin would look fine.

It seems my acne is not caused by excessive oiliness, - I just seem to have lots of nasty resistant skin bacteria that refuses to budge. I'll continue to take B5 as it stops my skin from being oily, but I think I need an alternative stategy to get rid of my acne which I why I'm trying the diet Aquarius posted. If that doesn't work than I'm about out of options.

I was interested to read the post about the guy who said his acne was caused by anxiety and the body thinking something was wrong when it wasn't. I think that could be my problem,
Thanks for all the suggestions, and sorry for my rather negative post - I don't want to scare people off B5, I'm just telling you my experience.

Aquarius: I tried BP about a year ago, but it made my skin very red and irritated and it looked far worse than before I used it. If I try another topical product it will be niacinamide gel/cream which was shown in a study to work better than clindamycin, and since its not an antibiotic the skin bacteria cannot become resistant.

I was wondering if you were still getting whiteheads since starting B5 that you said you had cured with the diet? I am worried that the diet may work for me without me realising because the B5 is forcing up old sebum and casuing spots. I'll stay on B5 for the time being to keep oiliness away.

I remember in the original B5 study it took some patients 6 months to get complete control of their acne, so I'm not giving up just yet.

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