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Hello, I was wondering, since I am venturing on to deciding perhaps birth control will help me out with my breakouts, but I have some questions...

I have been suffering from acne since the age of 8 (yes 8, I started menstruating at this age) and I am now 19.

I am pretty sure my acne may be hormonal, but then I am not sure. I usually breakout a lot during my pms days, but after, basically after my cycle I still get whiteheads here in there ANYWAYS.

Plus, I've heard a sign of hormonal acne is facial hair? I know for a fact that EVERYONE in some way gets facial hair, but how much is too much to be considered hormonal? I know i have to pluck out a chin/neck hair once in a while, and i do have very light sideburns, but no (noticeable) mustache.

So exactly how can you tell the difference?

I am African American and prone to hyperpigmentation whether I pick or don't pick. So I'm guessing for me not to deal with marks anymore, I have to get rid of my acne.

Well Thank you if you reply!

p.s. what are some recommended birth control? I know about diane35 (and I know where to get it, so no need for links), but I am kind of scared to order anything now being that things are so STRICT after 9-11. ..Also I know there is new drug on the market, I can't remember the name. Anyways, any suggestions will help!

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