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well aguy! seems strange you know..i mean it took me less than a week and 5 days to be precise..for my skin to heal and today i went to the mirror..and the part where i scrub have more or less regain the skin i thought it will take like weeks for it to heal...and for those who gonna do these scrub method..i really suggest that do it when u dont have to go out for like a week cos putting vaseline 24/7 really sucks! aguy must i still continuing to put vaseline?..cos the skin really heals..and i think vaseline kind of break me out..nothing serious just a tiny pimple..then i also recommend do it on a pimpless skin.cos now my skin is kind of 99% clear just the red marks.. cant stand those red marks make my skin look dirty!..but when i touch my face it feels good..i mean without any bump..but looking at the mirror..oh gosh..hee

and i have just started the scrubbing method on another patch of red marks..i just skeptical on doing it on all the red marks on my face... and ya one more thing..aguy.. the patch where i scrub right.. although it fade the redmarks..but there is still like a very faint marks there..pinkish..not as worse as before.but should i wait for it to heal?.or continung scrubbing it ? thanks!!

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