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My cousin told me to follow these precedures everyday for acne and he has a clear face now.When I was little I always remembered how bad his face was and now It's the other way around LOL. Here's the steps...

1.)Take Centrum Vitamins every morning ONCE a day.

2.)For scars and bumps it prevents it from turning into blemishes. Get a cotton swab and put Hydrogen Peroxide on your smashed pimple scars, won't leave as much of a blemish before you do it often.

3.)If you have the time wash your face every hour of the day so you can keep your face clean.

4.)Use Phisoderm and use it on your face for
blemishes and pimples after you wash your face.Gently rub it in with water.

5.)Get Facial Cleansing Cream! After Phisoderm.Great to clean pores out of your face.

6.)Drink plenty of water and fruits and vegetables! A must!

7.)Don't eat to much junk food.

8.)Stop thinking about your acne and imagine your face is clear.I heard the less you think and the more good you feel about your face the better the acne and blemishes go away.

9.)Stay away from stress.Don't sweat on your face.

10.)Keep make up food or anything away from your face and touching your face is a big NO NO.

11.)Do something with your time so you won't pick or think about your acne.

So far I've been following his steps he put on paper for me and so far so good.I'm actually starting to see a new change!Not a big change but a little enough for a start!

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