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...about the potential damage i can do to my skin--the home peel is "buffered 50%." do you think that's overly strong? would the glycolic solution at a doctor's office be unbuffered?

i believe the directions on the bottle say to leave the solution on for only two minutes.

i will do a test on my inner wrist before i let it touch my face.

about the red marks on my back. four years ago (at the age of 29) i got the chicken pox.
i already had mild acne on my back (not consistent) for a few years previous to this.

and the chicken pox--well, it's much more serious when you're an adult (high fever, nausea, migraine)--anyway--some kind of hybrid acne/chix pox plague developed. hit the hardest was my back.

i had 0 tolerance against the relentless itchiness--so i kinda did myself in with the incessant scratching. what i was left with are marks that will not go away--despite years of using an exfoliating hand-mit, etc. to help along the skin renewal process.

then last march-- i had another freak break-out (GIANT cysts). i'm sure this was a result of walking pneumonia combined with an adverse reaction to ortho-tri-cyclen. so, on top of the old brownish marks, i now have new red marks.

though i definitely could benefit from a strong glycolic peel to my face, that i would deem a cosmetic treatment. my first priority is having a back that looks normal again.

again, any advice is so greatly appreciated.


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