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Have you tried exfoliating with a scrub brush/sponge and an alpha hydroxy/beta hydroxy acid? I have lots of marks (a couple of scars) left over from acne, and since I've been using a scrub sponge to wash my face with, I've found that this has really helped get rid of a lot of the marks. I think that there was another post about this awhile back - some guy used a scrub brush and vaseline to get rid of his scars, and he looked great after, like, ten weeks of it. I'm not sure who the poster was, but you might try looking into what I just mentioned. It's cheap, too.

Good luck,
-moisturize properly (excess dry skin will prevent your skin from naturally exfoliating)

-try a exfoliating scrub once a week. You can use things like apricot scrubs, but i find them very harsh.

Try getting some gentle cleanser gel (ie. cetaphil) and mix it with 1/2 a teaspoon of granular sugar.

It will melt and dissolve while scrubbing before you scrub too much to do harm on your skin

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