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Microdermabrasion is a good exfoilating procedure for mild acne, mild hyperpigmentation, superficial fine lines, light scarring and sun damaged skin. It's good because there is no down time. The cons are the expense- usually $150-200 for one treatment. Most people definitely need a series of treatments....usually once a month to maintain results. If one is very prone to cold sores, sometimes this treatment can cause one. My face is pretty sensitive and would get very dry and flaky after a treatment. It usually lasted a week or so. Everyone is different though. Most have very positive results.
For hyperpigmentation, it's suggested to use a bleaching agent like 2% hydroquinone in conjunction with the m.dermabrasion. Using a bleaching agent alone, results are usually seen in 28-45 days. Which AHA's or BHA's have you tried? With my sensitive skin, I've noticed some OTC AHA's & BHA's are too harsh. Although if I have a glycolic acid peel in the salon, I'm fine. Usually the strengths are much stronger too! I think it's because the product is not left on the face, where as the other products are. I love the results. Obviously with any treatment, make sure the esthetician is skilled....You'd be suprised! With a chemical peel, they would check your sensitivity before applying the product. Usually it can be seen immediately with a skin patch test. With microdermabrasion, being unskilled can result in broken capillaries, temporary red streaks or small 'suction' marks. It must be done evenly over face. It usually feels like a cat licking your face (that's how most would describe it!) Very little discomfort.
Hope this helps!

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