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Re: B5
Feb 8, 2001
Hi Izsabelle it's great to actually see you on here... it was this very thread (and ur beautiful pic hehe) that got me on B5 in the first place. I've been on B5 for just over a week now it seems and my skin seems less oily and by back and shoulders are MUCH cleare and only a few small whiteheads and no big whopping zits have developed on my face or neck since going on the B5 (swiss brand .. taking 6000mg/day). Anyways I'm just using spectro jel 609 to wash, apparently it's the best cleanser available for cleaning your pores as myself and most of my friends have had it suggested to them by their doctor's and derms.

Anyways I was just wondering what you think the best topical treatment I should put on my face is that I could buy over the counter would be?
BP cream? Glycolic acid? Some sort of B5 based cream? There seems to be so many options and right now I'm not puting anything on it.



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