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But this doesn't mean you should stop using Differin (which is what I used), or Clearasil, or whatever it is you used/are using. True, these products DO work, but remember, they help eliminate PIMPLES, not the scars themselves.

Products such as retin-a/differin help the skins appearance in due time.

"If used over a period of years, tretinoin will continue to reverse aging of the skin and can continue improving the skinís appearance even ten years after starting treatment."

So, to say it only helps your skin kill pimples and not heal scars/make the appearance of your skin more healthy is an understatement.

Don't give up on a product just cos it didn't work in 1 month. Remember, it has to settle down, stop acne, then heal skin. That would take quite some time, don't you think?

Give products at least 3 months before switching to another product.

The way I think of it is, hey, it might not be working, but atleast it's not making things worse, and it's better than using nothing.

That makes no sense....I really hope that by next week you will not become one of those people who post stuff up about acts such as "peeing on faces" helps relieve acne sufferers. I mean, urine on a might not do much, but at least it's something!

Another thing. DON'T, and I repeat, DON'T switch products. That messes up your skin even more. I used to do that, and figured it out myself, lol. So don't do that.

If you don't switch products, how will you find out which product will work for you, and which product won't? And why stay with a product that isn't giving you the results you want? That's like masturbating to an old porno that you've seen 5 million times, it may get you off, but it's just not fun anymore.

To reduce "redness", use Visine. I'm dead serious. The area between my eyebrows doesn't have any acne, or pimples, but I get one once in a while, then the area becomes red. Before going to school, I just apply Visine, seriously. It doesn't take AWAY the redness, but it reduces it quite a bit. It "takes the red out", remember? It works for skin too. And don't worry, it isn't harmful. The eyes are the purest part of the body, if it's not harmful to the eyes, there's not a snowball's chance in hell it'll be harmful to your skin.

Visine does help, but only for a short period. I use Visine a lot....don't ask me why -- but I notice after a few hours that my eyes return to their red state after a given amount of time, just as pimples will. So, be wary.

Hrm, what else. Oh yeah, use moisturizers. No, I'm not "gay", or whatever other guys here may think, but it's really helpful, especially in the cold. It's not a neat sight when your skin is peeling off your face, you know.

We wouldn't think you were 'gay' if you used a moisterizer King, everyone should be using one, reguardless of whether or not they have acne. And since when has the sterotype of using a moisterizer been linked to the gay community?

Just don't pop pimples at all though, lol.

Popping is okay. As long as you know when to pop. White is bad, yellow is good.

Guys, using concealers isn't bad, if you know how to use them. My DERMATOLOGIST suggested I use one. And really, if you're like me, in highschool, it works fine. I only use a concealer when need REALLY be, for example for like, a big scar. Just pick up any that's "non-comedogenic". Or however that's spelled. lol. But yeah, ask your mums, they'll help you out. I do that at times.

Find a concealer that is meant to cover acne, most contain ingredients which will help reduce inflamed pimples.

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