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Plenty of advice...
Dec 18, 2001
Hi. I was *randomly* surfing the web, and found this page, and I thought it'd be cool to share some of the stuff I've learned about acne, scars, etc. I'm only 17, and I never really had BAD acne (but yes, I did, and I still do have a couple of scars), but nonetheless, those little red monsters were still there. Oh well.

First of all, I KNOW you might not believe what I tell you, but if you do believe so, do keep in mind that I have plenty of other stuff to worry about, and wouldn't be posting a bunch of B.S so I could be happy, or whatever. So here's what I've learned, and picked up over time...

You know how they say this soap, that soap can clear your scars? Bull****. It's actually almost the opposite. Scars fade FASTER on nice, moisturized skin, compared to dry skin, atleast from the results I've seen on my skin. But this doesn't mean you should stop using Differin (which is what I used), or Clearasil, or whatever it is you used/are using. True, these products DO work, but remember, they help eliminate PIMPLES, not the scars themselves. Think about it...or put yourself in the place of a pimple for a day. Would you prefer something that dries to dry the crap out of by trying to remove "layers" off you, or something that gets absorbed, and does nice stuff?...Hrm, I'm making no sense. Oh well, I tried. lol. But it worked for me, really.

Also, remember, time heals everything. It's true in this case as well. My derm. told me it'd take 6 weeks for my pimples to clear up. It's been about 5 months now, but I still haven't given up. And yes, the scars ARE going away, but very gradually. They're almost gone now, and since I don't get the amount of pimples I used to get anymore, my skin's almost clear. Don't give up on a product just cos it didn't work in 1 month. Remember, it has to settle down, stop acne, then heal skin. That would take quite some time, don't you think?

I'll tell you what I used. It's almost January, right? I went to my derm. in August, cos I had a few pretty bad scars, and he gave me Differin, and a SebaMed cleanser. I'm going to be honest here: None of those work wonders. NO products in the WORLD work wonders. it requires patience. So I started cleansing my face twice a day, and applying Differin every night. I still do, and I'm almost done with my second tube. But I won't stop using it. The way I think of it is, hey, it might not be working, but atleast it's not making things worse, and it's better than using nothing.

Another thing. DON'T, and I repeat, DON'T switch products. That messes up your skin even more. I used to do that, and figured it out myself, lol. So don't do that.

About picking pimples, I dunno much, honestly. I used to, and some used to leave scars, others wouldn't. But sometimes, even if I wouldn't pick, I'd be left with scars. But you know, to be safer, don't. If about a thousand other people agree, there has to be a reason.

To reduce "redness", use Visine. I'm dead serious. The area between my eyebrows doesn't have any acne, or pimples, but I get one once in a while, then the area becomes red. Before going to school, I just apply Visine, seriously. It doesn't take AWAY the redness, but it reduces it quite a bit. It "takes the red out", remember? It works for skin too. And don't worry, it isn't harmful. The eyes are the purest part of the body, if it's not harmful to the eyes, there's not a snowball's chance in hell it'll be harmful to your skin.

Hrm, what else. Oh yeah, use moisturizers. No, I'm not "gay", or whatever other guys here may think, but it's really helpful, especially in the cold. It's not a neat sight when your skin is peeling off your face, you know.

I have this product called Endzit. it said it'd clear up blemishes(scars) in a few days, but that's bull**** too. But you know, for some scars, I used endzit, and like, after two days, it formed this "layer", which I could just peel off. It'd leave sensitive skin there, and on that, I'd apply anything antiseptic, like aftershave. It worked, but only sometimes. Just don't pop pimples at all though, lol.

Guys, using concealers isn't bad, if you know how to use them. My DERMATOLOGIST suggested I use one. And really, if you're like me, in highschool, it works fine. I only use a concealer when need REALLY be, for example for like, a big scar. Just pick up any that's "non-comedogenic". Or however that's spelled. lol. But yeah, ask your mums, they'll help you out. I do that at times

As for the moisturizers, I use Neutrogena's moisturizers, cos I dunno, my derm. suggested it to me. If you have light skin, using treatments like Differin will make it lighter, so the tinted moisturizer kinda doesn't make your skin look that light.

Btw, the pimples I had were on my cheeks, and not a lot.

Anyways, that should be about it. I'm no dermatologist, but look, I'm one of you people. And no, no company paid me either. Otherwise I wouldn't be bashing them. If you have any questions, or like, need help, or something, feel free to email me at [email][email protected][/email]. I'm a regular 17 year old guitar-playing teenager in California *lol*, and I kinda felt like I needed to share almost everything I knew, for some reason. I probably know a lot more, but forgot to mention it here. So yeah, email me if you want to know anything.

That should be about it. Take care people.


P.S: Actually, nevermind, reply to me here, lol. I was going to say, "cos I won't come in here much"...but this board is pretty active compared to others I've been to. So yeah, uhm :X

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