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I once took EPO for 1.5 weeks (stopping my antibiotics), and I had a cystic outbreak. I attributed the cysts to the EPO; I stopped taking it and went back to my drugs.

Does anyone here with (hormonal) cystic acne take EPO and do okay (without antibiotics or other drugs)? What about B-5 and/or zinc? Did you have a cystic outbreak shortly after starting the new supplements? Is this a normal reaction?


How about staying on your normal dosage of antibiotics not reducing them and try taking the b5.

Start off really low. Take like 500mg once every second day for a week, then try the following week increasing by another 500mg and continue like that. Same with epo. Make sure that you build up your antibiotic dosage in your system before trying this.

That way if you should experience a breakout on b5 or epo you will have the effectiveness of the antibiotic working against the outbreak and healing it. When you see a good improvement you can then experiment with cutting down your antibiotic dosage slowly. If that should work you may be able to come off the antibiotics altogether eventually.

It is your choice and your decision how you want to handle this. This is only my opinion and I am not a doctor, so I really dont know how you will go with this suggestion if you should try it.

I only can tell you from my own experience. I have suffered with cystic acne. Horrible stuff, but as I sit here writing this to you, I dont have one active zit on my face. This is thanks to b5 and zinc.

I started on b5 in April. This time I started it very slowly and on a very low dosage. The first time I tried it, I immediately started on 5g. I had a massive breakout. Scary stuff. Then I read of some others who had started at a low dosage and slowly increased it without much of a breakout. Yes, I did have a bit of a breakout but it healed quickly. I also made sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to flush out any accumulating toxins that could eventually end up on my skin.

This has worked wonders for me. I have even come off my diane35 now. I take 3g of b5 and it is working fantastically for me. I did get bloating, some diarrhea in the beginning and some inital weight loss but that has all disappeared now.

I have suffered with acne since 11 years old, like you, and was on antibiotics till I was 22. Then I went on Accutane. My skin was clear for up to a year, and then it all boomeranged back. The zits that is. I had to go back onto my antibiotics. But I kept thinking that there must be a way to come off these drugs. I knew that I was damaging my body and my internal organs by the constant barraging of drugs into my system. I now vow never to take antibiotics again, even for a cold or virus. I will work with nature and not against as long as I dont get cystic acne, if I was to, I would have to go back onto my antibiotics as you know how hard it is to be in public with the ravages of large lumps on your face.

Hope this has helped you some, but in the end you have to weigh up the pros and cons in the way you treat your acne, as you are the one that has to live with it.

Good luck in whatever you decide, friend.

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