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Do you just apply that and wash the area or do you use normal soap first, then the benz.?
hmm... Is this a wash? I used to use proactive's acne wash, it mainly contains benzoyl peroxide. I use it alone because it is quite strong and using soap with it just aggravates my skin and makes it tingle with some pain. Benzoyl peroxide is a rather harsh chem so I really don't think you need soap with it.
but again, that's just me.
What I do is apply it to my whole face because benz help prevent future breakouts. If it's a wash then I guess it's meant for your whole face, isn't that so??? If your allergic to the stuff and your skin can't stand it, then I suggest washing only problem areas

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BP is a preventative medication, so it
*definitely* should be applied to the whole
area. You should never use a product
containing actual "soap", because they tend
to be very irritating. You should use the
wash as it is recommended, to "wash" with,
alone. Also, if you're washing the BP off
of your skin without letting it stay on for
at least 2 minutes, you're not doing yourself
any favors because it hasn't absorbed into
your skin. I've had far better success using
a gentle cleanser and applying BP afterwards.

Yep Infinity is right...Dralem I suggest to you to use a gentle cleaser on your body or face with no anti-bacterial chemical what so ever and then apply the BP after to leave on overnight. BP need time to work (at least 4 hours) to be effective. Using a wash, the BP would be wash away before it can disinfect. And don't leave the wash with BP on your face or body too long as the other ingredient would just irritate it more and possibly clogged your pores...Anyway Good Luck..
To me, BP all over the face, and 15 minutes later put moisturizer on drier parts of the face. BP is really drying...
Actually I don't think I was being specific enough. The benz. is for my body. I usually apply it in the shower, let it set for 30 seconds then wash it off. It sounds like 30 seconds isn't long enough?
Also, I think you're supposed to apply the benz. on dry skin and then let it set then dry. I've been applying in the shower and my body is already wet so I thin I need to apply it before I get it in, let it set, and then get in and rise it off. Sucks if this is the case and I just figured it out now =(
Hello i want to ask you guys something...
my face gets really red when i put the benzoil peroxide 2.5% on my face
and it stays red for days....
is there any thing i should use with the benzoil peroxide?
im also using an anti-bacteria soap

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