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maybe you should try something a little less irritating such as retin-a micro or differin which were put out for that purpose. plus its only been 2 and half weeks, thats like no time to tell if something is going to be beneficial for you skin. my initial break out lasted pretty long, well longer than 2 and half weeks. but i dont know what you do when you put it on but girlie is right..less is more. a pea size for you whole entire face. i know when you actually put the pea size on, it really doesn't seem like much but believe me it is! whenever i put on more than that (i use retin-a micro) just on accident, the next day my face is so red it looks like i have bad sunburn, you can see the line on my neck is ghost white and my face is beet red. so just make sure you're not putting too much on. and if its really dry, it doens't hurt to use a moisturizer. i use aveeno and i really like it, its not greasy or heavy at all.

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