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Acne journal #3
Jan 14, 2001
Sorry journal #3 wasn't posted up the other day. Went to go see 13 Days, quite a long movie... I recommend for those who havn't seen it.

Ok, back to the main issue. I go to the derm on friday, around 3:40 pm. I sit in the office and wait to be called in, which usually takes five minutes. So I get called up and go into a room where the nurses ask me the same question. "Your here for you moderate acne?" and I always reply "Yes" or "Yes ma'am". So I do the usual in the room, which is always a ten minute wait. I look around at stuff that I've seen a million times. I always pick up the before after pictures from this Accutane booklet that always on the same desk. I mess with the lamps a bit, open a drawer or two occasionly then relax on the long table like chair until she comes in.

My derm comes in her usual upbeat mood and see's instantly that my face is oily. I stressed that across to her after she notices. I didn't tell I wanted to go on accutane as I was thinking about doing a week ago, only becaue I am seeing some impovements with the retin-a micro, small ones though. We talk a bit about my skin, and she says she wants to open up some more of my pores since their clogged up again. She instantly starts with my chin. She uses her comodone exractor and finds it impossible to open the pores up. She saids my pores have got'n very deep, and then she questioned whether I was using the Retin-a micro as she had directed. Damn right I said (not exactly like that). I want my acne gone just as any other suffer does. She has told me to reduce my application of it down to every other day the last visit, and that's what I did.

So after the comodone extractor failed to do the job she injected me about five times in the chin. I beleive it was cortisone shots, I don't know. Then she gave me about two on each cheek. After that we were pretty much done. We did have an important talk though, and I'll take the pleasure of discussing that now.

I told her that the CINAC BPO she gave for oiliness of my face doesn't help. So she tell she wants me to use these pads called, CYTRIX or something. Anyway, they sell them here at the derm place. She showed me the bottle in their showcase. She said that would be $15. Ok, no problem, my mom would pay for this. So as we leave the room she changes her mind. She tells that she wants me to come in weekly for a FACIAL PILL to clean and open my pores and speed up the acne clearing process. I was fine with that. So she said we'll start with my next visit after she talks to my mom. With that I was prescribe the same medicines (retin-a micro,doxycycline, erythromycin pads, brevoxyl -4). My next visit is Jan 25th. 13 days later, rather than 14 days. Heh.

JOURNAL #4 (1/25/00)

P.S. Does anybody know if theirs a diff. between BREVOXYL -4 lotion wash and BREVOXYL -4 creamy wash?

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