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hey thanks for the posts.... yeah you are right. i need to relax.... somebody said that stress wasn't good for acne.. but you have to remember that i dont have acne anymore. i just have the scars... the scars are on my cheeks and they aren't that deep.. they are kinda superficial.,,..and i have alot of hyperpigmentation.. i dont know how to described them......but my scars have been here for like a year and they aren't going anywhere.... but i have been trying this cream PALMER's COCOA BUTTER nutrient enrichment cream with VITAMIN A, C,, And E and there has been some improvement.. but very little... for the holidays i want to come home from school looking radiant and see all my friends and this girl that i like with totally new skin.. i got like 2-3 weeks so i hope this ELICINIA cream will work.. i know nothing will change in 3 weeks but i dont care if i see the slighest improvement.. and somebody told me that there is this pill called ESTER C that is better than VITAMIN C cause it plumps your skin out more and it works in 2 - 3 days!! so i'll order that also!!! and that's about it.. i wont order anything else or try it... and i'll change my diet and drink tons of water.. nothing by water.....and i'll eat SALADS all day!!! i really hope the ELICINIA cream wont MESS UP my skin....and make it worse... you think?? i dunno!!!!! i just heard so many good things about it.. i never read a bad post about it......and i have been obsessed with this topic of acne scars that i became an expert...somebody said that SELSON BLUE is good also cause it EXFOLIATES THE SKIN so the bad skin comes out.... what do you think about that?? i dunno!! there are so many options out there and i hate being a pessimist but sometimes you need to vent and just once i would love to have clear skin for a day.... just once.... (*Sigh*)... but hey i'll LET YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT this ELICINIA CREAM ok?? and the scarring i have is superficial to deep i guess. ... it's mainly on my cheeks and when the sun hits my face, it's can see it all uneven and ****!! ahgrhghrRHGHRGHHRHHR!!!! I WISH I LIVED IN FINLAND where it was NIGHTTIME 6 MONTHS continously straight without sunlight!!!! and i wish FLOURESCENT LIGHTS WERE NEVER INVENTED!!! lol....ok, i better go.....thanks for reading [email protected]@!! seeya

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