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Re: Moderate Acne
May 16, 2001
HI Isabel,

I took spiro too for like a month 2 years ago. It made me pee like crazy and than started to make me light headed and just not myself so i stopped. I didn't see any results from it either. This stuff is heavy drugs by my standards so please be careful.
Back to Acnease.
My acne is definately androgen driven and Acnease totally dealt with that. I took it for 2 months treatment. My acne on my entire body (I had real bad shoulders) almost dissapeared. I was getting maybe one or two at that time of the month. I was also real stressed out cus we were moving at the time so it might have added to it. Than I took a break for a month and it stayed stable like they claim the long term effects. Than I moved and my stress was over and I went on a maintenance dose and I have 0000 nil acne on my face and my shoulders are clean!! For the first time in 5 years I will be able to show off my arms this summer!! Another big reason I went on maintance dose is the hair effect. I have thinning hair caused by the androgens and my hair has not looked better in 5 years. I have been searching for an anti androgen for years, did spiro, diane 35 (been on it for 2 years now and recommed it for any androgenic women), skinoren, retin A cream, and I have finally found Acnease and it's all natural. I still can't believe it.

I am retracting my 000 nil acne on face. I been totally stressed out since yesterday cus I got in a tense fight with my old friend and today I got a f.. pimple. Just goes to show how important stress is... and friends...
Hopefully it will be gone soon enough.. only the zit thou

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