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mcfry: I agree completely with your comment. I'd like to add something, as well.

It's vital that Accutane users have their bodies examined frequently while they're taking it. Here are the body parts and and systems that Accutane most frequently affects:

1.) Mind (fatigue, depression, psychosis, suicide, headache, ringing ears)
2.) Eyes (night blindness, cataracts, visual disturbances, myopia, severe dryness, corneal inflammation, optic nerve swelling, conjunctivitis)
3.) Digestive (inflammatory bowel disease, inflamed pancreas)
4.) Blood (elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, diabetes, anemia, abnormally quick-settling red cells, decreased white cells, elevated platelets, decreased platelets, uric acid in blood, leukemia)
5.) Skeleton (premature bone fusing, arthritus, osteoporosis, abnormal bone growth, joint pain)
6.) Heart (artery plaque buildup, chest pain, heart wall inflammation, violently rapid heart beat)
7.) Endocrine (tumors)
8.) Skin (severe dryness, eyelid inflammation, severe sloughing, acne conglobata, acne fulminans, increase in hair growth, gum inflammation, erupting nodules, nail infection, severe itching, nose bleeds, gum bleeding, papules, sweating, inflammed lips, rash, hair thinning, pus-producing tumors, peeling, infection, sun sensitivity, changes in nail shape)
9.) Reproductive (severe birth defects, testicular atrophy)
10.) Healing (lymph node disease, slow wound healing, abnormal scabbing)
11.) Voice (mouth/throat dryness, voice changes)
12.) Excretory (decreased liver function, hepatitis, protein in urine, blood in urine, liver tumors)

I found 95% of the above effects in the "Complete Product Information" packet published by Accutane's manufacturer, Roche Pharmaceuticals. I translated them from sciencespeak to English with the help of Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

The other 5% came from various other scientific studies, such as "Bone Densities in Patients Receiving Isotretinoin for Cystic Acne" by Leachman, Insogna, et. al.

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