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I've experimented with the following meds in the past: Proactiv, azelex (azelaic acid), and minocycline. I've also used vitamin supplements (megadoses of b5, C, and E). None of them really made a dent. Proactiv actually helps a great deal with the superficial acne (white heads and blackheads) but does very little for cysts. The ONLY thing that helped with the cystic component was the change in lifestyle: excercise, diet and serious stress management (meditation). It took more than six months for me to start noticing a change (in the meantime, I also lost almost 50 pounds and, I'm just realizing, have not had a cold or allergy attack during most of that time). I've never felt better.

My skin is not perfect. Genes have cursed me with acne prone skin. So I still take a few preventative measures: vitamin b5, saw palmetto and the Proactiv 3 times/week.

To make a long story short: the combination of mild topicals (used in small enough doses to prevent damaging the skin) and lifestyle changes has worked wonders for me. I have no doubt that I will eventually be able to eliminate the topical treatments and supplements completely.

Hope this helps,


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