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Please try this!!!
Nov 1, 2001
Hello, Just an idea for everyone....

I finally found a way to keep my skin clear and smooth with no redness at all. I take essential fatty acids (evening primrose, borage, flax) and I take a lot of them. I have noticed that when I stop taking them my skin breaks out and my face has a more reddish appearance with what looks like broken capillaries. This alone with avoiding dairy and sugar has cleared my skin and I have been on and tried anything for acne possible - you name it!!
Anyway, I take an oil called "Udo's Choice Oil", you can purchase this in a health food store. You can get this in either capsules or liquid. I have to warn you though, it is the most disgusting stuff you will ever take (although liquid tetracycline is a close one). I wouldn't take it if it didn't work. The reason I take the oil is because of the dosage. I have been on the oil now for almost two years. I started with one tablespoon (15 capsules) and worked my way up to three tablespoons (45 capsules). You can now see why I don't take the capsules. Anyway, this oil started to work after THREE MONTHS. You need to be patient, but it is definatley worth it. I would never go a day without it. I also take about 5000 mg (capsule) of borage oil, spread out throughout the day. Essential fatty acids are anti-inflamatories which means that they will take away the inflamed areas of your body, including skin and often if I do get the occasional pimple, I will take an extra thousand miligrams or so of the oil capsule and the next morning the pimple is still there but the redness is gone so that the pimple dramatically looks like it's disapearing. I no that this will work for everyone, especially people with hormonal disorders. The oils act like prostagladins which are the precursors to your hormones. Essentially, they help to control your hormones and help balance them. Removing dairy and sugar from your diet is also essential. Dairy and sugar specifically can alter your hormone levels for the worse, and often the dairy cows are given tetracycline for infections and estrogen to help produce more milk!! Not to mention that antibiotics can cause candida (systemic yeast infection). I honestly believe that milk, dairy products were not meant for human consumption and only for the newborn calf (who incidently after weaning never drinks the milk again). Even if you don't agree with this, at least try it. I have suffered from acne since I was thirteen years old (I am now 26). I have tried acne statin, liquid tetracycline (couldn't swallow pills at that time), accutane. I have used clearasol, benzoyle peroxide, proactive etc. My life has been greatly affected by acne so much that my husband cannot even understand. Even with clear skin I am still experiencing emotional problems and social problems from having skin problems for such a long time. I only want to help as many people as I can. It doesn't hurt to try. Eating well and taking the good healthy oils can only benefit you and is good for you in many other ways other than a clear complexion. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do though, quitting dairy and sugar. They are in almost every prepared food and it can get very upsetting. It takes time and you cannot beat yourself up if you happen to slip. I promise you though, it will be worth it. Good luck to everyone!!

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