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microdermabrasion won't do a whole lot, but it'll help. it won't however help too much waiting so long in between treatments as it looks like you did. sounds like you were the victim of someone who didn't really now much of what they were doing.

you're right though about the articles and such involving treatments for scarring and so on. they're more often than not misleading, and sometimes very much so. it's a business though, so, you can't expect a whole lot from some of the sources. the tretinoin should help a little, but don't expect anything noticeable (unless you were speaking of acne here). retin-a micro is a better deal though if you're going to go with tretinoin usage, as i'm sure you're aware.

about a month ago, when i was in to get a glycolic acid peel (which you should look into if you haven't already. the higher percentage ones have done a great deal for my skin. i'm sure you've seen me go on about it in other posts), the icn pharmaceuticals (that's the company who produces the nlite) rep was there as well, and i kind of got to talking with her for a couple minutes with the esthetician. she basically said they'd not been seeing much significant improvement with the laser for acne scarring and such. i'm willing to bet though that for mild and moderate scarring (and again, i know what you mean. it's not 'severe,' but sometimes it may as well be as that's usually how our own minds pick up on it. i think that's been part of my problem), the nlite would produce fairly good results. if i were you though (unless you have a good bit of change to burn), i would wait a little longer as i'm going to do so as to be able to tell if the money's worth it or not for the procedure. another ps i contacted who used the nlite said they don't even bother with acne scarring as it's a waste of money, more or less. not exactly what i wanted to hear, but i appreciate that honesty all the same
as they could've easily sold me on it. perhaps they were talking of more severe scarring though, and i wonder. guess i'll have to wait a bit and see how it fairs for others with similar conditions before i invest in treatment.

for now though, i'm going to stick with my 70% glycolic acid peel regimen, and i'm going to try a new product they have called cellex-c to supplemnt that, which is kind of expensive, but, if the brochure is any indicator, yields great results. i may find i won't even need to consider nlite. hopefully, at least.

if you have any other questions, i'll see if i can't help out.
i go to a plastic srgeon's office for the peels. plastic surgeon doesn't do them though, but an esthetician. i haven't done home peels and i wouln't bother. you can't get the same quality or level of expertise you'll find at most plastic surgeons' offices and at many dermatologists' even, and it wouldn't be of much benefit for the problem i want to address anyway (scarring). same goes for having peels and such done at spas. it's not worth the money if you want to treat a more serious problem such as scars.

the company they (the ps's office i go to) get the peels from is the same which produces the nlite (icn). they also have a line of skin care products and so on called glyderm. i started off with 40%, then after each time worked my way up to 70%. the other peels were all right, but the 70% ones are where it's at. for me at least. i've seen a minimal 5% improvement (5-10% in actuality) both times i had the peel, which doesn't sound like much, but, when you consider i had only about a 25% overall improvement with 9 microderms, it starts looking pretty good. then again, everyone's skin reacts differently, and time plays a factor too (they usually leave 70% peels on for 3 minutes there, but i left the last one on a bit longer, and i'll try and go a little longer next time).

and no, cellex-c doesn't require a pescription. you can check out their website (, i believe) if you want, or just enter it in a search engine for more info. i'm still looking into it more, but i'll go ahead and get it next appointment anyway and try it out. it's supposd to help somewhat with scarring as high potency topical vitamin c has been said to do. it's hard to explain though, but it works underneath the skin to stimulate collagen (similar to how the nlite works, but not by the same process) instead of how, say, glycolic acids and such work, which is to remove the outer layers of the skin to produce the same effect. the retin-a should help exfoliate somewhat, so, i'd stick with that (and go with the idea you had of getting retin-a micro actually).

if you would end up doing the nlite, you might want to have glycolic acid peels on top of it (not at the same time of course, but throughout the 2-3 months thereafter), and even cellex-c. i believe either of these are not only able to be administered during that time, but would effect even better results. i know you can have glycolic acid peels after the cooltouch laser (similar to nlite), so, if that's what you end up going for, consider that as well.

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