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Hi Kai,
Maybe I can help. I would get a second opinion from another derm for the glycolic acid peels. I'm Asian too and the glycolic acid peels (one at 35%, the second at 70%, and another 70% coming up soon) have not done anything in lightening my natural pigmentation at all. I'm still the same mellow yellow dude that's fighting this disease and its battle scars for years. Regarding your microderm question, I think the only reason why doctors would presribe it is because it's twice as much as the peels. Alot of members feel the same way, so I'm not the only one. I agree with Ryan that a series of peels will give you satisfactory results. You might wanna try a daily scrub for daily exfoliation. I think by removing dead skin and by increasing collagen to your face, I think in time those shallow scars will disappear or at least be greatly less noticiable.
For me, the glycolic acid peels have done good for my face. My skin is more even toned and less blotchy. It has even improved my shallow scarring from cystic acne a bit, mind you that my scars are still very noticiable!!! I'm not worried though because I've only done two peels and have many more to come. Now those other products that you mention I have'nt heard of yet. My doctor suggested me to use Mederma skin cream for the scars, but I am kinda reluctant on that. I hope this helps. God Bless!!!

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