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Hey, I've been using Neutrogena 2.5% vanishing on-the-spot acne cream.. Ok, I've used it like 2 times and my skin is awsome.. It absorbs oil and leaves it looking sooo smooth and nice.. I just keep rouching my face in disbelief.. Now, to my question.. Can my skin become "ammune" to benzoyl peroxide??? I mean, I wanna use this forever because it is working awsomely.. I'm just follwing that routine I read on Accutane vs. Benzoyl Peroxide and I'm a believer! Well, I gotta go stare in the mirror in disbelief. Bye! Good luck to you all and God Bless.
quick question for ya, does that on-the-spot-acne-treatment turn your face red and burn?
Nope, not at all.
darn its burning my face bad and turning it red for hours after i use any BP porduct oh well back to the docs office for me :/
MK, are you on any prescription drug also?
THATS WHY!!! Im on minocin!!! that makes my skin weak and volnerable along with the renova (hehe got sun poising at my second day at the beach because of that) Thanks Kev for pointing that out! Maybe my doc should know about this?
Get off minocine..... It sucks.. Trust me, bp is 10x's better.
Il make an appt. with my doc and tell him whats happening. BP in long term use, will it stop breakouts? Also 1 more question, will Minocine cause accutane to to anything harmful to your body( it haveing a bad reaction with accutane to cause it to lower white blood cell count?) Just wondering...

I doubt it but you never know.. Consult a doc. Hey, antibiotics just kill so many bacteria and then you have to keep taking them to keep killing bacteria. So, if you were off Minocin for about a month then it should be out of your system.
Actually, I thought I was allergic to BP, but I'm going to try something. I ONLY breakout in a certain area- the rest of my skin looks great. So I'm just going to use BP in that spot, to see if it helps. I'm starting out slowly, and so far it hasn't turned red, itchy, or bumpy.

it's true...bacteria will not build up tolerance to benzoyl peroxide.
Hello i'm gonna start your regiem tommorow i'm loooking forward to it.
I hope it works.
c u later.
hehe, your welcome MK, im on renova also, but every morning i use 2.5% benzyol peroxide

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