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? for spanishfly..
Nov 14, 2001
Hi there,

you mentioned that when you were on Accutane that your hair thinned out but when you stopped it grew back. I was wondering when you experienced the thinning...during or after the treatment and when did it grow back. For example, how long after stopping accutane did you hair grow back to normal. I'm worried because I have noticed considerable hair thinning during my second month of accutane. I was wondering if this is a good thing since many people have their hair loss after the treatment. If I put my hands through my hair, I have at least 5 strands of hair on my hands. I really want my hair to grow back to normal. Maybe I'm just imagining it...but it still freaks me out. I stopped taking saw palmetto since it wasn't helping and started biotin. If anything, since the biotin...more hair has fallen out. My mom told me to put some mixture of oils that she has from india. She told me to put it in my hair at night to nourish the hair and the follicles. It's a mixture of: coconut, amla, arnica, jaborindi, lemon and henna. I'm not sure what these oils are and what they are good for. Some ayruvedic doc gave it too her for my dad (but he never used it). I looked up some of the oils on the web and was amazed at how many people put this in their hair. If you can give me any preventive advice, I would be greatly thankful. I've lost at least 10% on volume in the last two months. If this is normal, let me know. I am going to go to the derm for my monthly checkup. I know if I ask him, he might say it's not the accutane or he would keep me on the same dosage. I have a little more than 2 months two go and I hope that my hair doesn't get any worse and this is all just temporary.

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