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This will be my last post on this board only because I do not wish to debate what is not being stated and I NEVER said anyone did not have a choice in what they decide. I have merely given facts and evidence for those of you who regard quality and quantity of life over quick fixes.
To Hydrogen77: you are wrong when you feel I cannot understand your pain. I not only had acne when I was in my teens but was overweight as well. I know and understand the pressures and overwhelming harm that society does to us with their expectations. The seriousness here is that Accutane can take those prior feelings of suicide due to poor self image and make them become more than thoughts through psychosis. The only case I make is that there are other alternatives that can, and do, work without such serious side effects. Actually, I am now in my 40s and have adult acne problems due to hormonal changes. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with calmly and with good insight into all alternatives. Again, IT IS YOUR CHOICE and your life. God Bless.
To Undertaker: B5 has had some really good results, so I understand, with little or no side effects. It is a natural treatment. I do not know a lot about this regimen but with what I have read so far, I am actually considering its use for myself. I would suggest you read the other posts on this board concerning B5 and do a good internet search. As with anything, not everything works for everyone. But this B5 seems to work well for most when followed with good hygenic care. Good luck and God Bless.
To all others who may read this: I do not leave this board because I have been "beat up" by negative responses. I leave this board because the "arguments" of those who have presented themselves are based on emotional bias, not the factual regard that I originally put forward. Yes my emotions of our loss played a factor in my posting, however the post was to make the facts known. All I ask of anyone is, do not judge others by what they say, how they act or what they do.......READ THE FACTS and let them speak for themselves. Then make the decision that you, and your family, feel is right for you. Teen and young adulthood years are tough, been there - done that. It was not easy but it was worth living through. Making good, intelligent decisions are a responsibility of each individual. No one else can make it for you.
One last note, I forgive the person who said "I don't care that your loved one died". I feel that was a remark made from emotional immaturity and selfishness. Some day you will experience the loss of a loved one, it is ineviditable. I only hope it is not a loss to something that could have been avoided such as Accutane, drunk driving, gang shooting, etc. because that type of loss is incredibly harder to accept and get through.
God Bless all of you as you make it through your struggles at this stage in your life. Just know that "this too shall pass", and in most cases, it does.

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