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Anyone ever heard of or tried drinking hydrogen peroxide? If you do decide to try this I think it has to be a drinkable kind which can be found at nutrition stores. Thanks.
Okay, may I ask WHY you would be drinking hydrogen peroxide??? Yes it can be used as a gargle for canker sores and such, but not for drinking purposes. You would probably be dealing with a burning sensation the minute that stuff hits your throat!
i can't imagine that would be good for you! I've heard of using it as a type of toner but that's it!
Well, when I saw this post I thought WTF, all this will do is bleach your stomach, so I went to my friend and searched for "hydrogen peroxide drink" and it threw up this link:

This link talks about intravenous hydrogen Peroxide but mentions oral intake in passing. Anyone considering this needs to research this VERY CAREFULLY before proceeding because, as this link states ...

". Be sure to dilute it, because the 35% solution will cause burning of the skin on application, or internal damage, if you try to drink it."

Not only that, but if you use the store-
bought 3% solution, you will surely be
doing serious damage, since it contains
heavy metals, phenols, and other stuff to
preserve it.. It is *NOT* for ingestion..
It says so on the label.. "For topical
use only"..


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